Studio Seconds Smoke Soap Bar

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Weight: 150g

Please note: this stock is from our studio seconds that cannot be sold to stores. It will arrive unboxed and the finish has imperfections, but is perfect for use.

Activated charcoal purifies and refreshes the skin, whilst nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon leaf provide a warm and comforting aroma.

Expertly crafted by hand in East London, our hand & body soaps are produced using the traditional cold process technique; better for both the environment and our skin as it retains the natural properties of our carefully selected ingredients. 

Proudly made in East London .


Proudly made in England, our products are crafted responsibly with locally-sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging. Inspired by an everlasting curiosity and respect for mother Earth, our scents are informed by the world that surrounds us, from the soil to the stars, the tides to the trees.

Each accord has been elegantly imagined using toxin-free perfumes and wildcrafted essential oils – a marriage of notes inspired by the seasons and the skies.