The making of Smoke

With our new fragrance now launched and on the shelves, we wanted to take the time to tell you about how our latest fragrance, Smoke came to life.
Making a candle - Smoke, the new candle by Evermore London

An autumn story

As the sun sits low in the sky and summer’s green leaves evolve into rich hues of orange and yellow, we welcome a new fragrance to our mainline range. Our most complex scent yet, Smoke was dreamt up in collaboration with our business partner Hani Farsi who brought together Nicholas Foulkes (Historian and Author), Jemma Freeman (Managing Director, Hunters & Frankau) and Tom Chamberlin (Editor of The Rake). Each of whom worked alongside our founder, Sarah Bell, to create the building blocks of Smoke – a unique scented candle inspired by the burning embers of cigars and the haze of smoke-filled rooms.

The seasons and the skies

Since the inception of Evermore in 2015, nature, the ever-changing seasons and the skies above have been a continuous focal point when developing each of our luxury fragrances. Our founder, Sarah Bell has taken inspiration from the places she’s visited in her lifetime, whether that be the Celtic woodlands of Ireland where she spent much of her childhood or romantic trips away to the south of France. Therefore, it seemed only fitting for us to create a candle inspired by the city Sarah has called home for the past thirteen-years and the place where Evermore was founded over six years ago.

Inspiration on our doorstep

As Evermore was founded in London, it seemed only right that we base a fragrance on the city we know and love so well. Creating a scented candle inspired by the sprawling metropolis of London was no mean feat, and so we enlisted the help of three fellow Londoners on this unique, luxury fragrance. Jemma Freeman, Nicholas Foulkes and Tom Chamberlin took part in our unique project from start to finish, helping to bring a scent inspired by our wonderful city to life. The team worked together to brainstorm ideas taking their cues from London’s historic buildings, libraries, private members clubs and reading rooms, all steeped in history and wonder. What followed was Smoke – a multi-faceted luxury fragrance that can be found flickering gently in the darkened shadows of London’s oldest establishments. A luxury scented candle designed to ground spaces and supply warmth, our latest fragrance burns best in home offices, snugs and reading rooms.

Our new autumn fragrance has arrived

With patchouli, birch tar and vetiver at its base, our new scented candle is both sumptuous and rich. A gentle combination of cardamom, bay and nutmeg lend an aromatic, earth-like quality, while pine needles and orange blossom lift and enliven, providing a means to escape to another time, city, or season.

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