Interior trends for 2020

From earthy tones to rattan walls, we've picked our top four trends for 2020 that we believe will stand the test of time.
Our favourite homeware trends 6 Image by Emma Lewis for Caro Somerset
Interior trends for 2020 1

1. Earth tone colours

Earthy tones in the home always feel grounding and warming. 2019 was a big year for bright rainbow colours and this is a welcome break to the eyes. We especially love deep yellow tones for walls – the space pictured is painted with ‘Middle Buff’ by the Little Greene Paint Company – an independent, British paint and wallpaper brand committed to social and environmental responsibilities.


Our favourite homeware trends 5

2. Scalloped edges

A popular trend during 2019, but we think it’s got much more life in it yet – you’ll still find us swooning over anything with a wavy, scalloped edge this year. With a smooth, rounded shape, scalloped trims add softness to everyday objects and are perfect for adding a fun and decorative touch to your home. Matilda Goad makes simple, but beautiful lampshades with a delicate scallop edge, Sweetie & Willow make headboards that will transport you back to the Art Deco era, whilst Vaughan Designs offer the most beautiful mirrors with waved wooden frames. Pictured is their contemporary Perugia Mirror, painted with an ivory finish for a classic yet decorative piece.


3. Nude shapes

The female form is being celebrated in all its glory in 2020. Shaping up accessories, artwork and everything in-between, the curves of the nude female form are inspiring designers and artists from across the globe. From Cold Picnic’s ‘tonal boob’ knitted blankets to Anissa Kermiche’s beautiful ‘Breast Friend’ and ‘Love Handles’ vases, this contemporary trend will add a feminine touch to your space.

We’ve collaborated with British line artist Alexandria Coe on a limited edition scented candle, just in time for Valentine’s Day gifting. Garden of Venus is available to buy online now.

Interior trends for 2020

4. Rattan walls

The natural material and beautiful woven technique of rattan adds texture and richness to larger rooms with high ceilings. With smaller spaces, it’s best to add touches of rattan throughout with accessories or rugs to avoid the room feeling smaller than it actually is. Moving into spring, we definitely think we’ll be seeing the walls of hotels and homes adorned with this natural trend.