Fragrance fable: North

Burning bright across velvet black skies, lighting the way on a winter's night. From colour schemes and travel destinations to interior details and the stars above, we'll be taking you on a fragrance journey to help bring our North candle to life.
Fragrance fable: North 1
Fragrance fable: North

The story:

The North star, Polaris, is the inspiration behind this rich, bold and smoky fragrance. The brightest star in our constellation holds a grounding presence in the sky as it stays practically still whilst the northern stars move around it.

Looking ahead to darker nights, colder days and evenings spent wrapped up next to an open fire, the warming scent of North is sure to be the perfect scent for winter.


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In travel:

One of the 7 wonders of the world, Petra – also known as the ‘Rose City’ – is a series of temples and tombs built into the honeycomb caves of southern Jordan. Spread out over a hundred square miles, the main highlight is the Treasury, a stunning architectural feat complete with ornate Corinthian columns built during the 1st century.

Visit the Petra Night Show for a breathtaking candlelit experience. The dark skies here make it the perfect place to spot the constellations, including the North Star. The scent of oud in our North Candle, provides the perfect scent for meditating back at luxury camp site, Little Petra Bedouin Camp.


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In literature:

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens; a story set mainly in the cool months of winter of one boy’s journey from a life of poverty to a life of opulence, wealth and rediscovery.

From the marshes of Kent to the extravagant city of London, Pip makes the transformation from boy to gentleman by means of a mysterious fortune, left to him by a secret benefactor who he assumes is the mother of the lady he wishes to marry. As the months and years go by he finds his assumptions are not as he thought and soon discovers that affection, loyalty and a clear conscience are far more important than wealth and fortune.

Through all Pip’s unfortunate luck, his hope and expectations of true love is what get’s him through his misfortunes and delivers him to happiness.


Wallpaper interior with lamp

In the home:

Dark colours can sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation as an interior choice, but they can actually make rooms look larger by creating depth. The Artemis wallpaper in ‘Black’ by House of Hackney is the perfect combination of dark and luxurious mixed with accents of pink, blue and a gold yellow. Dark colours create an enveloping feeling, perfect for the bedroom or living room as they help aid feelings of deep relaxation. This dark but playful interior hosts the perfect setting to burn our soothing North Candle.

Image by House of Hackney

Leo starsign

The stars above:

The rich and velvety nature of our North Candle – thanks to black pepper, leather and oud – will have sensual Sagittariuses swooning. While headstrong Leos will enjoy the statement this bold yet soul-soothing scent conjures. Best burnt in the living room or bedroom as the oud present will help enhance inner peace and induce tranquillity, to help relax both fire signs.

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