Behind the candle curtain

Evermore founder, Sarah Bell talks about the introduction of our new products and the process behind candle-making.
Behind the candle-making curtain
Sarah Bell: Something Something 2

Why did you decide to introduce small candles to the Evermore range?

I always wanted to be able to offer our customers a range of price points. Even though we refer to the new candles as ‘small’, they are still quite a substantial size; they have 145g of wax and burn for up to 30-hours. The new candles can also be treated as travel candles. They’re compact enough to be able to pop them in your hold-all and take them away with you, bringing a little bit of home to wherever in the world you may be.

Sarah Bell: Something Something 1

How long does it take to develop a new range?

Longer than you might first think! Developing a single fragrance can take time, but add six to the mix and you’ve got yourself a task. Part of the hard work was already done as we have perfected the larger candles, however there are an endless list of variables when it comes to finding the ideal balance. It took a year to develop the first set of candles and roughly six months to get our smaller versions exactly where they needed to be.

Sarah Bell: Something Something 3

What have you found the most challenging aspect?

The long list of variables! As a candle-maker, I know how tricky it can be to perfect the tiniest of details. For example, each fragrance has its own set of needs – it has to be poured into the wax once it’s reached a certain temperature and the wick size is unique to that certain fragrance based on how viscous the oil is. The wax has to be poured at a certain temperature and the glass itself can’t be too hot or too cold as this will effect how the wax sets. Knowing the process at this granular level, I’d say I’ve definitely found it challenging letting go and having faith in the process now that I’m less hands on.

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What’s next on the agenda for Evermore?

We have some exciting plans up our sleeve on the run-up to Christmas this year, including events and pop-ups – all will be revealed soon. We also have a very exciting collaboration coming for Valentine’s Day 2020…


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