At work with: Fee Greening

We caught up with Fee Greening to discuss the early stages of our Christmas collaboration as well as get an insight into her artistic practice and what she does to unwind after a long day at work.
Evermore Christmas Candle with Fee Greening
At work with: Fee Greening

Fee Greening is a British artist and illustrator currently living in the wilds of Dorset. Her work is mostly inspired by Gothic, Flemish and Medieval art and her drawings are clever, intricate and mystical. Fee uses a traditional method of working with dip pen and ink for her creations, which gives them a unique quality; instantly recognisable as her own signature style and aesthetic. Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2012, Fee has since worked with the likes of Alex Eagle, Fortnum & Mason, Gucci and Liberty, among many others.

For Christmas this year, we asked Fee to collaborate on our limited edition candle, Winter Solstice – a scent inspired by midwinter and Pagan fire rituals. Whilst working closely with Fee on this project, we caught-up to discuss the early stages of the collaboration as well as her creative process and what she’s enjoyed most about working with Evermore.

Fee Greening Ink Drawings

Gothic and Medieval art is central to your artistic practice – what about it still continues to drive your interest?

It was definitely the first aesthetic I was drawn to as an early teen when I was feeling out my individual taste. I do take inspiration from lots of other styles and genres but Gothic and Medieval art definitely under pin my style and is what I always return to.

Christmas candle with Fee Greening

When working on the design for our Winter Solstice candle, what did you enjoy most about the process?

I loved seeing the motifs take form onto the candle vessel during the production stage – that was very exciting and lifted my spirits during the first UK lockdown.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Elaborate but balanced.

Fee Greening Christmas Candle

What value does scent have at home and in your working environment?

Scented candles always set a magical, ceremonial mood and always make me feel calmer, which is ideal for delicate drawing. I spend my mornings listening to the news and doing faster paced admin stuff – emails, meetings etc and then after lunch I draw. To set a different more relaxing afternoon mood I always light candles and put on an audio book to create a cosy slower pace in the studio.

Fee Greening at work

In what way do you feel that your designs compliment the scent of ‘Winter Solstice’?

The scents of the amber, star anise and clove are very rich and bewitching and I tried to mirror the alluring mystical scent in the motifs I created for the design.

Evermore London Christmas candle

How do you relax – does your artistic practice play a role?

Drawing can be relaxing but the realty is, I’m normally on a deadline so it’s more a case of me creating a relaxing setting to help me draw as fast and precisely as possible. I tend to relax with a flagon of red wine with my friends at the weekend or walking my dog through the woods around my house as the sun sets.

Evermore x Fee Greening Christmas Collaboration

How will you be celebrating this years winter solstice?

There’s an epic pub near me on the cliff top looking out to sea. Sometimes locals sing sea shanties and folk songs there on full moon nights; I suspect they might be about on winter solstice so I think I’ll head there.

Fee Greening & Evermore London Christmas Candle

What have you been reading recently?

I’ve been reading The History of Magic by Chris Gosden and Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London by Matt Beaumont which are both fascinating in their own way and a perfect read for this time of year.

Evermore London x Fee Greening Christmas candle

Is there a place for sustainability in your work?

I try and be as sustainable as possible, though I know there’s always room for improvement. I try and make quality products that people will treasure forever and pass down. I also make my products to order in the UK, using small independent factories and I use recyclable packaging and materials wherever I can.

You can shop our Winter Solstice candle here.

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– Images by Liz Seabrook