Let’s talk about scent throw

When choosing a fragrance, we know how important it is to find the best throw candles possible to maximise the scent in your home or space, especially if you have a big room or open plan living area to fill. We wanted to delve a little deeper into fragrance throw and give some candle fragrance throw advice to any that might be feeling a little confused about ‘throw’ and what it means in candle terms.
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Using a high quality wax:

The fragrance of a candle very much depends on the quality of the wax that has been used. Some, such as paraffin wax, can emit fragrances at a high rate as they burn much quicker, however this can sometimes cause an undesired effect. As much as a very strong fragrance seems good value for money, it can sometimes be too overpowering and lack subtlety, resulting in the inability to distinguish the its top, heart and base notes. Using a paraffin-free wax such as rapeseed or soy can provide excellent results due to a much steadier burn, allowing time for the fragrance notes to reach the nose in the intended format – top, heart and finally base.

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Resting time:

When candles are made, they should really be left for an optimum amount of time to rest before they are transported. This allows time for the fragrances to fully infuse the wax before they are shipped off, ready for customers. Our hand-poured candles are left for a minimum of two weeks post-production to ensure the fragrance quality is at its highest.

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Hot throw and cold throw:

When a candle is unlit, the smell you experience is ‘cold throw’. Depending on the size of your room, you can often catch a scent of the aroma before it’s even been lit, especially if the scent is citrusy or sweet. ‘Hot throw’ is the smell that emits from the candle once it has been lit and this is of course when the smell begins to travel further. Hot throw spreads further as the wax melts, burning and emitting fragrance particles at a much faster rate than when it’s unlit.

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Evermore room tips:

Particular scents and fragrance throws suit different rooms in the home. Each of our luxury recyclable candles were created with a room in mind. Citrusy scents like our Light candle work best in the kitchen or open plan living areas; the strong top notes eliminate post-cooking aromas. Calming floral scents like Flore suit hallways and porches; the scent is welcoming and comforting as guests enter the home, whilst herby scents like Tides suit the bathroom. Smoky accords such as Moon and North suit a more relaxed atmosphere. We would recommend burning North in the living room and Moon in the bedroom. Woodsy scents like Grove are ideal for home offices; the scent of pine is works to stimulate and refresh.

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What about outdoor candles?

Outdoor candles such as our KANA x Evermore London collaboration also have hot and cold throw. As these have been designed for both inside and outside use, hot throw candles for outdoors need to have a slightly stronger throw. The wicks help with the scent throw on these candles – there are more of them and they’ve been designed slightly thicker to withstand a light summer breeze.