Sustainably made candles

We wanted to give you a clear, succinct way of looking at our environmental credentials in one place. From our cellophane-free boxes and black candle wax to our new and improved rapeseed wax, we delve into the decisions we’ve made for Evermore and how the environment continues to be the biggest factor in everything we do.
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Natural vegan candles - Evermore London

When designing a brand from the ground up, it was always important for us to begin with the pillars that we care deeply about. As a husband and wife team, Sarah and Ric both agreed that creating a brand that was environmentally conscious was one of the most important factors.

Since our re-brand in early 2019, a lot has changed and for the better. In this journal entry, we touch upon the decisions we’ve made to ensure we continue to create luxury sustainable candles with minimal impact to our natural environment.

Natural vegan candles - Evermore London

Cellophane (or lack there of)

When designing our candle range, we were told repeatedly that cellophane wrapped boxes were the best way forward. However, we were adamant that we didn’t want to use any plastic within our packaging. Most luxury brands wrap their products in cellophane to protect the packaging from becoming damaged, however cellophane cannot be recycled and is a growing problem.

This is a topic that’s very close to our hearts. We will always try our upmost to ensure that unnecessary waste is avoided at all costs as we continue to produce our sustainable candles

Natural vegan candles - Evermore London

Our signature black candle wax

The classic feel of our candles against the bright colours of our boxes is a signature look and one we’re very proud of. We decided to use black dye to sit inline with the colour of the glass, making our candles versatile for any type of home. We had to be sure that the decision would still create a sustainable range of candles, so we researched how to make it happen. We landed on something called Eco Liquid – a concentrated oil-soluble liquid that can be added to candles as a colourant: cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic.

Natural vegan candles - Evermore London

Locally sourced rapeseed wax

Everyone seems to have heard of luxury soy candles, but for ours we use a blend of locally sourced rapeseed wax. We recently made the decision to remove soy from our candles in order to lower our carbon footprint. Natural rapeseed candles are relatively new to most. Rapeseed is grown in the UK and Europe, the wax is by-product of the plant and has many benefits. Rapeseed is of course a natural growing plant, meaning that we can honestly say we produce 100% vegan candles. In addition, the rapeseed flower is bright yellow and holds bountiful amounts of nectar, which bees need to thrive. Rapeseed is a sustainable source and is not genetically modified so has excellent green credentials. Rapeseed wax burns at a low temperature; this means that the aroma evaporates steadily rather than emitting the fragrance all at once. This quality in particular is one of the reasons we chose to use rapeseed wax as it produces the best throw candles, and their aroma lingers for much longer.

Sustainable brand, sustainable candles

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is a huge area and something we’re constantly working on. We’re a small team, but our number one priority is the sustainability of the brand. Every decision we make comes back to the environment and we’re constantly looking for new ways to make a difference. Whether it’s sourcing raw materials from closer to home or volunteering our time and donating to local charities and community projects, we’re documenting our efforts in order to see how we’ve progressed year-on-year. Our first sustainability report is a little behind schedule this year due to the on-going pandemic; we’re working hard behind the scenes and hope to have it published in the New Year.

Luxury vegan candles - Evermore London

Candle soot and clean burning candles

During the production of our natural candles, candle soot was something that we definitely wanted to reduce. The use of rapeseed wax combined with a touch of coconut provides a cleaner burn, which in turn, won’t damage your walls or furniture like paraffin. The blend of wax that we’ve chosen for our luxury candles means that it burns evenly and right to the edge of the jar, leaving little-to-no waste behind.


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