LDF19: Colour Theory

To celebrate London Design Festival, we're looking at the theory of colour and how it shapes our identity and choices.
Evermore London Colourful packaging

To celebrate London Design Festival, we invited artist Rose Electra Harris to interpret our box colours through her own individual style. The result is the beautiful limited edition printed postcard, free with all online orders during Design Festival.

Colour has always been an integral part of our brand and something we feel passionate about. With regards to art, interior design, personal style and everything in-between, colour has the ability to convey emotion and feeling, allowing us to subconsciously relate and respond to the world around us.

Working with design agency POST, we applied the practice of colour theory to select six complementary shades for our boxes. Here we explore the meaning behind each colour, as well as why you might be drawn to some more so than others.

Flore Candle | Lilac

Lilac is the combination of two strong shades – one warm, one cold. Purple can sometimes be classed as cold due to its blue undertones, but floaty lilac has a hint of warm pink, which pushes it into the warm section of the colour theory wheel.

We chose the feminine, graceful and delicate colour of lilac for our Flore candle, not only to represent the fragrant lilac blossoms of France, but to also evoke feelings of romance, nostalgia and elegance, speaking predominately to those who are creative, observant and a little sensitive.

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Tides Candle | Yellow

The colour of sunshine and buttercup fields, yellow has a warming effect and can stimulate mental activity, which in turn enhances joy and cheerfulness. Our Tides candle was designed with high summer in mind, conjuring memories of sandy beach holidays spent in the Mediterranean.

We chose a warm yellow tone to evoke pleasant and cheerful feelings. Those drawn to the most luminous shade of the colour wheel are said to be sociable fun-seekers, full of enthusiasm and optimism.

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Light Candle | Orange

Combining the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, orange is often referred to as a high visibility shade known to increase blood supply to the brain. Similarly to yellow, the association is with sunshine, happiness and joy, alongside a strong association with the colour of citrus fruits.

We chose a warm shade of orange to represent our Light candle, not only because of the connotations with summer and fruit, but to also stimulate the lust for life during long summers days. Those attracted to this shade are said to be spontaneous, eager and bold.

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Moon Candle | Grey

Grey is a neutral and balanced colour choice, which lacks the negativity perceived with the colour black. Whilst setting a somewhat moody tone, a light grey is feminine in nature and due to the smoky rose scent of our Moon candle, it’s the perfect fit.

Our Moon fragrance is the signature scent within the Evermore candle collection, so a sophisticated and timeless colour choice suits this pillar perfectly. Personalities attracted to this shade of grey are said to be grounded and responsible with an air of wisdom and a calming presence.

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Grove Candle | Green

The colour of nature, life and renewal, the colour green affects us mentally and physically, helping to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. Green is also the most restful and relaxing colour for the human eye to view, and can evoke feelings of safety and comfort.

We chose a muted shade of green to represent our autumnal Grove candle, with its fresh scent of pine and eucalyptus. The grounding shade calls out down-to-earth souls who are both kind, generous and compassionate.

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North Candle | Blue

The colour of both the sky and sea, blue is associated with depth and stability. It’s claimed to have a positive effect on the mind and body, evoking rest due to the production of chemicals known to calm the mind and create feelings of tranquillity. Similarly, our North candle has a complex scent of black pepper, tobacco and oud which, when burnt produces a calming and meditative aroma.

We chose a deep shade of navy blue to represent the deep dark skies on a cold winter’s night. Cool yet enveloping, those attracted to this shade of blue are said to be able to find tranquility where others may not.

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