Fragrance fable: Tides

Wandering lost along warm dusty paths; fragrant fig trees lead to black sandy beaches. From colour schemes and travel destinations to interior details and the stars above, we'll be taking you on a fragrance journey to help bring each of our candles to life.
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The story:

Our Tides candle was inspired by summers spent in the Cyclades. Sandy beaches leading to the sea and the ever flowing ebb of the tide on the sand. Gentle waves breaking along the shore and the smell of fresh thyme and sweet figs floating through the air.

The fragrant fig tree is featured in folklore tales more than any other plant. Known as the ‘tree of life’ and, these mystical trees are a keystone species, meaning that they impact the environment around them more than any other plant species.

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In travel:

The Cyclades Islands – with their crystal clear waters, black sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere, they’re the perfect place to escape for some much needed relaxation. The wild Mediterranean vegetation is what inspired the scent of our Tides candle – the sweet but fresh smell of wild fig trees swaying gently in the sea breeze.

Each island is dotted with quaint fishing villages with traditional eateries, serving delicious fresh fish and tasty Greek dishes. Be sure to try bouyiourdi – tomatoes, feta cheese and spicy peppers baked in a clay pot. Visit Milos for its beautiful and plentiful beaches, Santorini for its mesmerising views and architecture, and finally Ios for its vibrant nightlife.

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In literature:

A Room with a View introduces us to Lucy Honeychurch, a traditional girl from an upper-middle class family. When she takes a trip Florence with her cousin, Charlotte, she meets Mr. Emerson and his son, George. On Lucy and Charlotte’s arrival to their guesthouse, Mr Emerson offers to switch their room so that Lucy and Charlotte can enjoy a better view of the city. Whilst in Florence, Lucy has many encounters with the Emersons and her relationship with George grows romantically.

What follows is a tale of love, self-awakening and risk. A joyous, earthy love story that cleverly swerves cliches of the romance genre, leaving you longing for the warm Tuscan sun. To be enjoyed not once, but several times over again.

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In the home:

In the leafy neighbourhood of North London’s Hampstead Heath lies the beautiful home of Interior Designer, Ellie Horwell Roche. Here, in her master bathroom, she has created a Mediterranean-style walk-in shower using traditional tadelakt plaster and sky-blue concrete tiles.

This image is one that has been circulating Pinterest and Instagram over the past year and we can see why. The mix of vintage and modern pieces throughout the space works beautifully; transporting us to the idyllic Mediterranean coast. The ideal space to burn our Tides candle on light summer evenings.


Image via Design Sponge.

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The sky above:

A twist on traditional Mediterranean fig, our Tides candle is reminiscent of beach holidays and balmy evenings by the sea.

Water signs – Scorpio and Pisces – should burn whilst bathing as they are guaranteed to love the restorative scent and will revel in the grounding nature that the addition of thyme and cedarwood provide.

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