Fragrance fable: Moon

Blooming under the light of the moon, nocturnal roses unfold at midnight. From colour schemes and travel destinations to interior details and the stars above, we'll be taking you on a fragrance journey to help bring our Moon candle to life.
Evermore London Moon Candle

The story:

Rich, layered and mysterious. Our Moon candle was inspired by mythical night flowers blooming under the light of the midnight moon. A scent journey that takes us to Morocco, high above in the Atlas Mountains where the Valley of the Roses lies. As the sun begins to set and the stars start to dance, a sweet fragrance drifts through the warm air, fusing delicately with the deep, smokey aroma of cade berries fallen from nearby juniper trees.

According to folklore cade is useful for warding off illness and negative force, whilst the delicate scent of the humble rose is said to bring forth feelings of both confidence and comfort.

In the home:

We’re taking a look into the beautiful Manhattan home of decoupage artist, John Derian. Here in a corner of his dining room, a tree stump table sits alongside an early 20th century French couch, adorned with a one-of-a-kind throw by Jeanette Farrier. To the right is a stunning dried plant sculpture by artist, Christopher Bassett.

The muted rose-pink colour palette paired with natural wood flooring and vintage paintwork embodies the rich layering of our Moon candle.

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In travel:

Just a four-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, lies the peaceful village of Skoura. The journey alone is something to behold. The route takes you across the beautiful Atlas Mountains and through miles and miles of untouched scenery, the very scenery that inspired our Moon candle.

Skoura itself is an oasis of calm and has an abundance of nature to enjoy all year round. A trip to the Kasbah Amridil is a must; the 17th century building appears on Morocco’s 50-dirham note and is an absolute wonder. The living museum depicts traditional Kasbah life over the centuries and offers a spectacular view of Skoura’s surrounding palm groves.


In literature:

A modern classic, Message from the Shadows showcases twenty-two elegant short stories that span the breadth of Italian writer, Antonio Tabucchi’s career. Beautifully compiled, each fable explores themes of art, language, philosophy, the passage of time and above all, the mystery of storytelling.

Time is an ever-occurring theme, closing the gap between dream and reality. With each beautifully written story, we find ourselves examining trees, shadows, train journeys, nature, wrinkled faces and everything in-between with fresh new eyes. Although each story has a separate plot, they all have a similar theme of looking behind appearances and hidden meanings, leaving it up to the reader to decipher and consider how it makes them feel.


The sky above:

A luxurious blend of rose petals, smokey cade and spicy hints of saffron create a harmonious, calm and relaxing mood that balance seeking Taurians and Libras will love. Light our Moon candle before bed for sweet dreams and serene sleep.


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