Fragrance fable: Light

Pastel sunbeams suspended in the air, filtering gently through fragrant citrus trees. From colour schemes and travel destinations to interior details and the stars above, we'll be taking you on a fragrance journey to help bring each of our candles to life.
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Evermore Fragrance fable: Light

The story

The name ‘Light’ is inspired by the summer solstice and the seasonal smell of fresh citrus trees ripening in the courtyards of Seville, where the evenings are long and the heat of the day hangs in the air.

The fresh and invigorating scent of citrus is thought to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Bergamot essential oil in particular is well-known for banishing feelings of stress and enhancing joy.

Seville, Spain

In travel

Seville, the culturally rich and sun-soaked capital of Spain’s Andalusia region, is the inspiration behind the scent of our Light candle. With a Mediterranean climate, temperatures can reach almost 40 degrees in the summer months.

As the heat of the city reaches its peak, the fragrant citrus trees begin to ripen in the warm sun and the scent lingers in the air long after sunset. With Seville’s impressive Gothic and Renaissance architecture (you must visit the Royal Alcázar), authentic food and impressive flamenco, there are plenty of ways to explore and discover this beautiful city.

The Great Gatsby

In literature

A true classic, set in the summer of 1922, The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald brings the jazz era to life with a bang. The balmy evenings of Gatsby’s lavish and legendary parties are the perfect setting for our Light candle.

The story is narrated by character Nick Carraway, who rents a house in West Egg, Long Island, across the water from his cousin, Daisy. His neighbour is Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire from minor criminal activities. Although Gatsby’s fortune is large and his roaring parties well-attended, he throws them only to impress the woman who he is hopelessly in love with. As the summer progresses, a chain of events leads each character from the highest highs to the lowest lows as the American dream draws to a close.

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In the home

In the home of illustrator and print designer, Kate Worum, it seems only fitting that the walls be adorned with beautifully printed wallpaper. Kate and her good friend Jennifer Jorgensen started print and pattern studio, She She together and Kate’s house includes no less than four of their beautiful designs. Here, in Kate’s bedroom, the stunning wallpaper is what brings the room to life and is named “Calla Lily”. The striking wallpaper, green plants and Moroccan-inspired cushions give the room an injection of vibrant summer colour – we think our Light candle would feel very much at home here.

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Cancer Starsign

The sky above

A fresh and energising fragrance with a grown-up twist, Light is the perfect match for both Aries and Cancerians.

Dynamic Aries will undoubtedly be drawn to the bright and energetic nature of bergamot, whilst protective Cancerians will succumb to the bolstering warm sun-like aroma of grapefruit.

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