Evermore Guest: Gloria Studio

We invited Kasia Chinery and Amaia Rose Chaplin of Gloria Studio - a beautiful flower shop and studio in East London - onto the journal this week. In celebration of the spring equinox, they tell us all about the season's most beautiful blooms.
Evermore Guest: Gloria Studio 1
Evermore Guest: Gloria Studio 8

We’re an East London based flower shop and open studio. We invite and encourage people into our space to see how we work and how we create beautiful floral displays with flowers that inspire us. Our work holds a strong emphasis on the seasonal and depicts the changing natural landscape within the gardens and green lands of the UK and Europe. Visually our flowers are put together in considered, complimenting colour ways, with a light ethereal feel celebrating natural shapes. We also play with texture and tone for a vibrant visceral feel. 

To celebrate the spring equinox, which this year occurs on Friday 20th March, we’ve picked four of our favourite spring flowers to celebrate the florals that nature presents to us for the longer brighter days that follow.


Distinct, intricate and intriguing; from the snakehead Fritillaria meleagris to the Imperialis, these spring flowers are out of the ordinary and not for the conformist. Grown from bulbs and with incredible longevity as a cut flower, these unexpected beauties create new intriguing dimensions to any arrangement. Their twisting stems create natural curves and tangled shapes, whilst their bell shaped petals cast intimate shadows. These flowers are ever intriguing and unique, adding a dark otherworldly beauty to displays and gardens alike.


Image via Love My Dress

Evermore Guest: Gloria Studio 4


Delicate and dainty, these heavily scented spring bulbs with short stems can be seen all over the UK in both window boxes and gardens. Not to be overlooked by their height, muscari are one of the cutest, quaintest spring flowers. We would happily have these as a stand-alone bunch in a small vase or jar in our homes. Coming in powder and bright blues, indigo and whites, their short stems softly curve in shape, perfect for grouping in mixed seasonal bouquets and delicate intricate table displays. Their strong floral smell gives a real sense of spring and seasonality to any space. 


Image source unknown.



Regal, rich and dynamic; from the well-known classic violet iris to the multi colourings of the bearded iris, these spring to early summer flowers stand strong and impressive in linear shapes with sword-like leaves and star shaped heads, revealing contrasting striped centres. Available in varied sizes and heights and in a beautiful array of colours, (delicate soft peaches, blues, deep browns, royal mustards and purples) we defy anyone to not find one to love. Iris’s offer us a round head in an unusual shape, which can add a bold and textural feel to arrangements.


Image via Botanical Brouhaha


Diverse, surprising and humble – the spring flower that just keeps on giving. From its elaborate depictions in Dutch masters paintings to the colourful tulip fields of Holland, the tulip is recognised and loved for its diverse colours and patterns. The arrival of the tulip has long been the sign that spring has truly sprung. Tulips create true impact across arrangements and are a flower that continually surprises. They (literally) continue to grow once cut and positioned in a display and you will see them twist, turn and lengthen as the petals fold back and open, changing the arrangement slightly whilst their companion flowers stay fixed in their intended positions.


Image via House & Garden

Evermore Guest: Gloria Studio

About Gloria Studio

We’ve had a really strong start to the year with Gloria, opening our first pop-up on Bethnal Green Road in East London. We were then offered the opportunity to stay, making it our first official permanent base! 

We worked on our first editorial shoot for Alexander McQueen which was recently published as a spread in a national magazine and we’re now busy gearing up for what we hope will be a big Mother’s Day. We have so many exciting projects to come in the year and want to continue to make beautiful things for some incredible people. 



145 Bethnal Green Rd
E2 7DG