Empty jars, new possibilities

We developed our candle jars to last. Each glass is carefully finished by hand to create a luxury piece of glassware; designed to keep and cherish long after the candle has finished burning.
Empty Jars, New Possibilities

Purifying Plants:

Plants can purify the air in your home and even improve your health and wellbeing. Green guys with such qualities include ivy, boston fern and aloe vera. When using our jars to pot up your plants, be sure to create a drainage layer with pebbles, stones, pumice or activated charcoal to allow the plant to drain any excess water it doesn’t need.

Toothbrush Holder:

Dress up the side of your sink and stash your toothbrush and toothpaste in your favourite glass. Things can get cluttered when there’s two or more of you sharing one bathroom, so why not double up and style your sink on either side. Stylish and useful.

Fancy Snacks:

Are you hosting a dinner party of having friends over for a drink? Fancy-up your snack selection and place them in your Evermore hand-finished glass for your guests to graze on. They even make perfect pots for cocktail ingredients and decorations. Your rosemary, glacé cherries and olives have never looked so good.

Desk Decoration:

Accessorise your desk and replace your usual work pen holder for something more artistic. If you’ve done a good job of collecting your Evermore jars, why not get really organised and keep your highlighters and colours in one and fountain pens and black ball points in another? A well organised desk always makes our day run a little smoother.

Unique Details:

Simple but stylish, fill your jar with fresh water, head out to your garden and trim your favourite seasonal blooms to decorate your house. Our personal favourites for May are peonies, lilacs and lily of the valley; delicate, feminine and will fill your house with the beautiful scent of spring.

Make-up Station:

Tidy up your dressing table and get organised. De-cluttering the home and the workspace can help us think clearer, thus improving productivity levels – always a good thing. Even something as simple as clearing your make-up brushes into a neat and orderly pile will make your room feel cleaner and calmer. Storing your brushes like this rather than keeping them in your make-up bag will also keep them nice and clean, meaning clearer skin in the long run.