Earth Day 2020

In honour of Earth Day, we wanted to delve a little more into our sustainability values, whilst highlighting a few of our favourite independent brands leading the way.
Earth Day 2020 1
Earth Day 2020 2

This year Earth Day celebrates its 50th anniversary; to mark the occasion, we wanted to share the actions that we take as a business to help reduce our environmental impact. Since our rebrand in early 2019, Evermore has changed in many ways for the better and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished. Every decision we make as a team comes back to sustainability and these values are deeply rooted within the business and our ethos.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate a selection of our favourite British brands. From interiors and fashion to skincare and make-up, continue reading to discover the independents who are carving their own path within the sustainability movement.


Earth Day 2020 3

Our sustainability model

When we re-branded last year, sustainability was one of the main aspects that we wanted to focus on, not only with our choice of packaging and materials, but our whole brand ethos. Since April 2019 we have stuck to our promise, donating to environmental charities including WWF, Friends of the Earth, Trees for Cities and most recently the British Red Cross, who are helping the most vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19.

Looking ahead to our summer collaboration with Kana London, we plan to deliver parcels within the M25 by bike courier as part of our carbon offsetting mission. Through these small, yet steady changes we’re continuing to work towards the goals we set ourselves last year, all of which will be outlined in our sustainability report due to be released in August 2020.

Earth Day 2020 4

Our wax

We’re often asked why our candles are more environmentally friendly when compared to other brands; one of the main reasons is the blend of wax we use. Our candles are made with a traceable blend of soy and rapeseed wax, and do not let off any harmful toxins when lit, unlike candles made from paraffin wax.

Paraffin wax is a by-product of crude oil, not only is this bad for our health (especially if you suffer from immune disorders), but the process is extremely taxing on the environment. Crude oil is a non-renewable resource and is the cause of many environmental issues including the destruction of natural habitats and climate change.


Earth Day 2020 5

Our packaging

From the glass jars that our candles come encased in to the cardboard boxes and protective packaging your orders arrive in, you’ll never find any plastic within our packaging. We’ve made sure that all the materials we use can be fully recycled or repurposed and we very much encourage the re-use of our glass jars. Read our empty jars, new possibilities journal for some ideas and please share your new creations with us on Instagram.

Looking ahead, we hope to close the circle on our product cycle. Our aim is to offer a recycle service for your finished candles, should you not want to keep hold of them. On top of this, we also hope to offer refill wax inserts that you can buy online to top up your empty jars. Keep your eyes peeled for these new additions that we hope to reveal soon.

Earth Day 2020 - Little Greene

Interiors: Little Greene Paint Company

Committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of beautiful paints and wallpapers, Little Greene is an independent British company with a strong affinity to sustainability. Each of their paints and wallpapers are made here in the UK and are all environmentally friendly. Their paints are either water or oil-based, but the oil has been reformulated using sustainable vegetable oils, whilst their wallpaper is either FSC or PEFC certified.

Over the past couple of years, they have formed partnerships with both the National Trust and English Heritage, examining historic houses and their interiors. This resulted in an extensive paint colour project for the National Trust and a beautiful wallpaper range for the English Heritage.

Earth Day 2020 - Henri

Fashion: Henri

Beautiful women’s basics in natural fabrics all designed and pattern cut by founder, Henrietta. Each design is first made by Henrietta here in the UK before being worn, washed and altered to ensure the best quality and fit. The brand works with 100% organic cotton and champions sustainability and social responsibility throughout the business.

Every item from Henri is made to last the test of time and is a true example of classic wardrobe pieces destined to be passed down through many generations.

Earth Day 2020 11

Beauty: Wildsmith Skin

Made in England, Wildsmith Skin products use ingredients that are sourced sustainably, ethically and responsibly. All of their products are cruelty-free and they take a considered approach towards packaging – each piece in their range is recyclable and plastic use is kept to a minimum. We especially love their Active Repair Copper Peptide Serum, boosting collagen and leaving your skin looking fresh, youthful and well rested.