Candlelit Readings

To celebrate the launch of our Christmas candle, we've welcomed a host of special guests to take part in our Candlelit Readings series on IGTV. Tune in as our guests read an excerpt from their favourite poem or prose, accompanied by the warming glow of our Winter Solstice candle.
Evermore London Fee Greening
Fee Greening at work

Fee Greening
Thursday 12th November

Fee Greening is a British artist and illustrator whose work is mostly inspired by Gothic, Flemish and Medieval art. Her drawings are clever, intricate and mystical: she uses a traditional technique of dip pen and ink which gives her work a unique quality. For her Candlelit Reading, she will be reciting Margaret Atwood’s Solstice Poem, Wendell Berry’s ‘To Know the Dark’ and Susan Cooper’s ‘The Shortest Day’.

You can watch Fee’s Candlelit Reading here.

Amelia Windsor

Amelia Windsor
Thursday 19th November

An extended member of the Royal Family, Amelia Windsor is a model and ambassador for No More Plastic. Throughout her career, she has graced catwalks for Dolce & Gabbana, featured as the cover girl in 2016 for Tatler and released a shoe collaboration with Penelope Chilvers, of which 20% of all profits were donated to War Child.

For her Candlelit Reading Amelia will be reciting Wilson Oryema’s poem ‘I Was Once Told’ which he wrote earlier this year in aid of NHS Charities Together.

You can watch Amelia’s Candlelit Reading here.

Trishna Goklani

Trishna Goklani
Thursday 26th November

Trishna Goklani is a freelance social media consultant and content creator predominantly working in the fashion and beauty sectors. She has previously worked for Barbour, Liz Earle and Bobbi Brown to name a few. For her Candlelit Reading, Trishna will be reading Janet K. Rauch’s poem ‘Winter Solstice Greetings’.

You can watch Trishna’s Candlelit Reading here.


Luke Edward Hall

Luke Edward Hall
Thursday 3rd December

Luke Edward Hall is an artist, designer and columnist for the Financial Times. Internationally renowned for his eclectic and playful designs, Luke’s work references the colourful layers of life, from 1930s glamour to his love of theatre. For his Candlelit Reading, Luke will be reciting excerpts of the book ‘Call of the Horned Piper’ by Nigel Aldcroft Jackson.