At work with: Susannah Garrod

Artist and illustrator Susannah Garrod grants us a tour of her home studio in Wales and we talk more about the beautiful illustrations she created for us to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Susannah Garrod Studio

Susannah Garrod is a British illustrator and artist working mostly with watercolour to create her beautiful, whimsical creations. She has worked with many renowned brands, including Cartier, Jimmy Choo, British Vogue, Claridges and Matches Fashion alongside many more.

We worked closely with Susannah for Valentine’s Day to create a one of a kind gift note to lift the spirits and add a special little extra to your candle gifting this year. Susannah will also be hand illustrating our Flore boxes for five lucky customers; follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on how you can win a monogrammed Flore candle.

Can you tell us a little about your career journey and what lead you to become an illustrator?

My first job was in publishing – working for an interiors magazine – however, having drawn all my life and gone to art school, I couldn’t shake the feeling I needed to be in a more creative role. Needless to say the magazine job didn’t last long, but it took a few more years before I made drawing my career.

Artist, Susannah Garrod

All of your work has an element of wonder to it, which we love. How would you describe your artistic style?

Escapism! I’m certainly not a realist painter – I paint things I love, be it from life or in my head – perhaps that’s why people often comment on the ‘dream-like’ quality my work takes on. I’d love to create even more surreal work, but that doesn’t always fit the brief!

Letters of Love by Susannah Garrod

When working on our Flore landscape, what did you enjoy most about the process?

Oh this was a lovely process – being transported to a warmer, brighter landscape. Imagining lavender fields and lilac trees in the South of France on a summer’s eve. I lit the Flore candle and I was there. Scent has a way of facilitating that and now more than ever it is a welcome respite to be able to go abroad, if only in a dream.

Susannah Garrod x Evermore London

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s this year?

Quietly and as a family – my children are just old enough to want to be involved. We’ll be treating ourselves to some little luxuries, maybe a coupe of champagne in front of the fire, music and something delicious on the menu.

Which scent is your favourite from the Evermore range? Can you tell us why?

It truly has to be Flore – it reminds me of my childhood home in the country – even my children agree; it makes me excited for summer. I’m also pretty obsessed with the Evermore dark wax and sleek black glass that the candles come in – so decadent – so chic!

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