Evermore Guest: Juliana McCarthy

To welcome in July's full moon and partial lunar eclipse, we invited astrologer, Juliana McCarthy to explain how this month's astrological event could effect our mood, relationships and outlook.
Agustina Basile Illustrator
Agustina Basile Illustrator

The Buck Moon

The full moon in July is called the Buck Moon. It’s named after the antlers that begin to grow on young bucks this time of the year. It’s an apt metaphor for the astrology of this eclipse, since we’re learning to rewrite our definitions of strength and the inner masculine. We’re finding that true courage and warriorship arise if we’re willing to be soft and vulnerable, like the fresh antlers of young bucks.

Agustina Basile Illustrator

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

On Tuesday 16th July a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse arrives, supporting us in releasing the past and shifting our focus onto internal security, rather than external.

Instead of obsessing over supposed-tos and empty achievement, we’re looking at our emotional needs, finding that vulnerable human connection fulfils us more than wealth, power, and prestige.

Agustina Basile Illustrator

Follow your feelings

As we allow our feelings to arise, we can even accept anger, heartbreak, and grief, allowing them wide pasture to move through us without fear. This is part of our process of upending patriarchal conditioning – which the planets are continuing to support. We’re recognising that our emotions are actually sources of wisdom – bridges that lead us into deeper intimacy and fulfilment, if we allow ourselves to feel.

Juliana McCarthy is an astrologer, healer, and author. She has written a book, The Stars Within You; a straightforward yet poetic introduction to astrology.


Illustrations by Agustina Basile